Here is a gallery in the photograph.
The photograph is put together according to each country.


The sunlight of which it goes mad pours down over Western USA
at the midsummer, and it begins to shine on the great earth.
The great journey just still started.


The world that was a Spanish colony before prospers,
and there are a lot of beautiful towns now in these modern days.
Because the festival colors an exquisite temple of Confusius, people rejoice.


The mountain is covered with trees, and the town crowds bustle.
Native people old worlds and ruins in the jungle
show us an old history.

El Salvador

Dry surface of the earth saves heat,
and draws the world of red brown.
The thing that the civil war occurs is becoming the past.


The strong sunshine shines on the bicycle again here.
Let's run through early
before it becomes impossible to move.


The wind from the east blows on the lake.
What waits on the tip of the road?

Costa Rica

When a tired countries in the civil war were exceeded,
the rich country there.
The travel of Central America ends here.


The bicycle runs through on the passage in Andes.
What is the one that a beautiful green mountains
were exceeded for which it waits previously?

Peru 1:La Costa

It goes to the south of the desert
while acting against the head wind,
from the town to the town.

Peru 2:La Cierra

There are a capital and ruins in the Inca Empire
when a severe mountain path of the altitude 4000 meters is exceeded.
It leads to the blue sky even where.

Bolivia 1:Altiplano

The country is in the Andes plateau enclosed by mountains.
A distant cloud leads the bicycle.

Bolivia 2:Salar De Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni,
There was a plain of a vast salt there with for a long time.

Bolivia 3:And more

In steep mountains
where the person did not have to live, there were a lot of lakes.
Animal's paradise there.

Argentina 1:Pampa

There was a plain when the mountain of Andes was exceeded.
The country that is called Europe in South America
owns fertile green meadow.

Argentina 2:Capital, Urguay and fall, graciar

Street in capital of Argentina, waterfall, and glacier.
It is gone side in the South America continent.


Country of the sultry subtropics.
The soil of red brown covered with deep green is shocking.
And, a Japanese colony is here.


The romance dawns from the new world.
The following road started starting in Europe of winter.
The wheel began to turn quietly.

Morocco 1:North area(Tanger - Meknes/Fes)

There was the world of Islam there when extending in the Strait of Gibraltar.
Fragrant of Arab, pray, mosque, and spice.
The world changed.

Morocco 2:Mid area(Rabat - Marrakech)

Morocco has changed by a lot of power in the age.
However, there is the one that doesn't change either.
The age when did not change into the construction of people's clamors and solemn Islam either.

Morocco 3:South area(Essaouira - Southern Morocco)

The road to the south is a road to the desert.
Green disappears gradually, and the dune appears in scenery.
What waits previously ..that..?

Sahara Occidental

The south in Morocco is a domain in vast Sahara Desert which a north wind blows.
A desert changes expression, whenever it progresses.
If that is crossed, the expression in the world itself will also change.

Mauritania 1:North area

The influence of civilization seldom reaches North Africa and this isolated place.
A wind changes from west to for east, and the hot wind of Sahara blows it.
It has always grown dim as for empty.

Mauritania 2:Capital and South area

This country currently drunk in a desert is a country of the people of Sahara.
An original identity and culture exist.
Europe is already far. This is West Africa.

Senegal 1:North area include Sant-Luis

The Senegal River in the end of the dry ground.
There is forest of baobab and country in which many people live.
It is the black people's world, called Black Africa.

Senegal 2:Dakar and more

Capital Dakar is located in the end of the west of an African continent, and the peninsula which projected.
The base of once slave trade is also a tourist resort now.
Many people laugh and are alive although it can never say that it is rich.


Capital city Bamako.
Then, the travel was the end abruptly.

Tanzania 1:East lowland

East Africa and there are one of the poorest areas also in Africa.
Although there are a car and a telephone, people's life is still old.
It was able to be said to be that the figure 100 years or more before Africa is left behind.

Tanzania 2:Southwest highland

Many people live also in the mountain which a Great Rift Valley makes.
Fortunately it is peace and the setting sun is also beautiful.
There are some persons who hate a photograph, and there is a person who likes a photograph, Child etc.


The small country of East Africa and it are Malawi.
That is the developing country which was delayed in development,
and is a country where the scenery of an old time remains simultaneously.


A prairie spreads in the inland in Southern Africa.
City development progressed and nature has also left the figure from ancient times by one side.
Similarly scenery like the 19th century made unchanging is.


The fertile area called the Okavango Delta at the northernmost end in Botswana.
That is the paradise of wild animals.
Moreover, it is also one of the eyeballs of the safari sightseeing of Southern Africa.


The west side of an African continent and this country are located at the place facing the Atlantic Ocean.
A flat plain and wilderness, and a desert spread for a long time, and altitude is high.
It seems that empty is always beautiful and it falls at any moment.

South Africa

Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope are the one goal of Africa which people aim at from medieval times.
The modernistic city which cannot think Africa in the present age is formed.
If it reaches so far, finally the travel to African will be.


The country Turkey, that between the West and the East.
With the visit of winter, it snows to the Anatolia high ground.
It will get cold this winter.


This is an image before the travel starts.
Some are Japan and photographs in Africa.

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